Sunday, 9 June 2013

Lost and Found

So it's been almost a year since my last post... whoops! 

I set up this blog originally with the intention of keeping it updated regularly however that clearly didn't happen, life got in the way and to be honest I was never in the right mood at the right time to just sit down and sort out my blog.

 Over the past year I've actually done quite a bit, I've been to college and just recently finished up my course. I'm now off to university after the Summer so am vair excited for that! I think in general I've also done a lot of growing up and I've had some great memories from the past year. 

Since college has come to an end and I have a long Summer in front of me, I decided that it was finally time to sort out my blog. This time I'm going to aim to keep it updated much more regularly. Though it's probably going to remain predominantly Fashion and Beauty based, I'm also hoping to add in some more lifestyle type posts and maybe write a bit about the preperation for Uni over the Summer. (There's so much to do!)

Anyway just thought I'd write a little post incase anyone ever notices the massive gap between postings and to kind of tie all those old posts to the upcoming ones.
Speak Soon!

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