Sunday, 16 June 2013

Post-Exam Splurge

For today I'm just doing a little haul post and also sharing an offer which I found which may be useful to some people.
Recently I wrapped up a year of college after a month packed with exams (thankfully I passed them all) and so decided to treat myself with a little Beauty splurge. Currently are doing a discount of "up to 1/3 off all French skincare" so I decided to take advantage!

The products that I ended up buying were:
Bioderma Micelle Solution - This is somewhat of a cult beauty product and I've been desperate to get my hands on it for ages! Looking forward to trying it out.
Caudalie Beauty Elixer - Finally got round to re-purchasing this product. I love the smell of it and finds it really helps to freshed up my skin. 
La Roche Posay Effclar AI - Another repurchase, one of the best blemish solutions I've ever tried. I'm thinking of doing a review post sometime soon.
Clarins Instant Smooth Self Tanning -  Never tried this before so I'm interested to see if it manages to actually add colour to my ghost-face. I'll probably end up doing a review on it aswell!

Twas just a little haul but I'm hoping to get the best out of all these products, I hope the discount maybe encourages some people to also indulge in a few sneaky purchases too ;)

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