Friday, 15 June 2012

Percy & Reed Dry Conditioner

I've noticed I've developed a pattern over my last few blog posts, they've been veeeery gushy and this one is gonna be no different. Just over a month ago I did a post on my Latest in Beauty CEW box and the Percy & Reed Dry Conditioner I got with it (It was a finalist in the "Best New Hair Care/Styling Product" category). I said how I couldn't wait to try it and I can confirm I have now tried it and I loved it!

Now my hair has been fairly dry lately, maybe it was the mini heatwave a few weeks ago that dried it out (can that happen? I may research this...) and it's been frustrating me. For a while I was doing two rounds of conditoner but this just weighed down my hair and made it look lank. I decided it was time for a change so the other day I just used a smigeon of conditioner in the shower and then when I got out, gave my hair a quick towel dry and spritzed my Percy & Reed Dry Conditioner through it.

I pretty much just followed the instructions, it said to shake well and so I did (though something rattled violently inside the can when I did which I really hope was supposed to happen!) Then it says to spray evenly throughout the hair, working on the dry areas from around 10 cm away. Now I admit here I did stray, I did focus slightly more on the ends of hair as they were especially dry and also an annoying section in the back of my head which is always so much dryer than the rest of my hair (weird right?). I then just dried my hair using my hair dryer and tangle teezer as usual.

The results were fabulous! My hair no longer felt dry and seemed to actually have some movement to it again and it also felt so much softer. I then went to go and look in the mirror and the best way I can honestly describe it is that it just looked so much more healthy. It had a really lovely shine to it and had gained a natural bouncey effect (I really hope this makes sense as I have now discovered that I am not very good at describing hair).

The product itself comes in a simple white can with a greyish/black design printed on the front. I personally love the packaging, I find it very chic and think it looks pretty on a dresser. The size is perfect for travelling and the lid feels tight enough to carry around. It retails at £12 for 150ml (my sample was 50ml) so may seem a tad on the pricey side but the product will last you a while and for me it was worth it). I would describe the product as having a slightly artifical smell, for me this wasn't a bad thing though I wouldn't mind a sightly more defined scent.

I would highly reccommened this to anybody who is having a problem with dry hair at the moment as this product does give quick results. I would also say that if you're looking for a product to give your hair that little extra boost this would be a great cadidate. I would definitely like to try more from this brand and currently have my eye on this Mini Moisture Travel Pack or the Hair Royal Highness Travel Pack 

The Dry Conditioner is available to purchase here and here (£12 for 150ml)


  1. The packaging is gorgeous - I'd probably buy it for that alone!

    1. Agreed! I just wanna buy a bunch and line them up on my dresser :D

  2. May have to try this!

  3. wow. this spray are very good *-* and i find your blog very lovely and interesting