Thursday, 3 May 2012

OPI Mini Stash (Including Nicki Minaj)

I'm going to talk about my nails again. Although I haven't bitten them in ageeees, sadly the damage from all the years has seriously taken its toll and they keep breaking and peeling. I'm gonna give OPI's nail envy a whirl as everyone raves about as a fix everything solution. Before the breaking started though, I made a few sneaky purchases and bought a few more OPI minis. This time in the shades "Russian Navy", "Big Apple Red" and Nicki Minaj's "Fly". I cannot gush enough about these shades, especially one of them! As I said in my Dutch Collection review, I really like the OPI minis and find the brush easy to work with and perfect for my little hands. Now on with the individual shades:

First up Russian Navy, this is exactly what it says on the bottle, a very rich navy with a shimmering finish. Out of them all this was probably the one I was least fond of. The colour is gorgeous however I found it to take a few coats to really bring it out as it's quite sheer. The other problem I found is that it was quite streaky so I had to be quite careful when applying it.

Next up Big Apple Red, now this is a proper red shade. There's no pinky/corally/orangey undertones, it's red through and through. I love this colour! It has a matte finish and applies like a dream. One coat and you're pretty much good to go and unlike the previous shade there was no streakiness at all. This is honestly the perfect red shade for me and I'm so glad I found it as I am a big fan of red. Along with "Russian Navy" this shade is part of the "OPI Best of the Best" collection (which was sadly limited edition and doesn't appear to be retailing anymore however some are still kicking round eBay).

And last but certainly not least is the shade "Fly" which is part of the collaboration with Nicki Minaj. Now then Nicki Minaj has definately done some questionable stuff over the past few months (from her performance at the Grammies to deleting her Twitter) however all is truly forgiven. The pictures seriously do not do this shade justice. With two coats I got the most gorgeous colour ever though it's definately got a more green tint to it than the picture above suggests. I'd say it falls somewhere between a teal and turqouise. I honestly cannot rave enough about how pretty this colour is and have actually recieved a few compliments on it. It's the perfect summer colour.

Anyway that's all for now, sorry for another nails post but I'm hoping to get some more posts, with a bit more variety, done over the next few days. This depends if my camera decides to play ball however!

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  1. OPI Mini colours are so cute! I like the colour 'fly' it's a really different colour!

    I want these! Hahaha