Monday, 16 April 2012

OPI Dutch Collection

Since I was little I've always wanted "pretty princess nails" (as my Mum used to call them) but alas I had a hopeless nail biting addiction. Fast forward 18 years and I finally have paintable nails! This will probably mean an abundance of nail posts over the next few weeks as I work my way through the rainbow so sorry in advance.
Anyway this one's going to focus on the OPI Dutch Treats Mini Collection which RRPs at £12.95 but I got them at the bargain price of £8 (Mega thanks to BuyaPowa!) It features 4 colours: "I Have a Herring Problem" (A shimmery grey/blue) "Red Lights Ahead... Where?" (A bright corally red shade) "Kiss Me On My Tulips" (A hot pink) and "Pedal Faster Suzi!" (A shimmery pale pink).

Personally I really like the OPI minis as I have never made it through a full bottle of nail polish so I feel much less wasteful using these. I also have very tiny hands & fingers which has resulted in me having quite tiny fingernails so I like having a much smaller brush to work with and find my results turn out a lot less messy.Anyway on with the pictures and reviews!

(Sorry for the upside down picture, still getting used to this!)
First up "I Have a Herring Prob
lem". Sadly I found this to be quite a disappointment, it took 3 coats to get a decent colour payoff but even that didn't overwhelm me. Rather than the Shimmery blue/grey I was promised, it came out more like a faded grey. I also found it chipped really badly and within two days it would need to be re-done. Not good!

Now on to "Kiss Me on My Tulips".
Now then this is the exact opposite of above, they must have used a different formula or something! The colour payoff is amazing and if you were in a rush you could easily get away with just one coat. I however always put on two coats and that just made it even better. The colour itself is an amazing hot pink which with two coats becomes slightly neon. I personally love it and so far there has been no chippage! So happy!

Next up is Red Lights Ahead... Where? This is a
bright red with strong coral tones. It's the perfect colour for Summer and I had no problems with applying this or chippage. The colour payoff is great and two shades is more than enough.

And finally we have Pedal Faster Suzi. This is very sheer, in the picture above I'm actually wearing 4 coats. Two is enough if you're just wanting a sheen but if you want a full colour then I'd recommened four. The colour is very pretty, a baby pink which I found to have just the right amount on shimmer and so far there's been no chippage and I love this as a springtime polish.

Overall I would say this is a very nice set with good quality polishes and a good range of colours. It's fairly decent value for money especially if you can catch it on Buyapowa! The only disappointment for me was "I Have A Herron Problem" but it was nowhere bad enough to make me regret my purchase and the other three lovely shades made up for it.


  1. great example colors !!
    i always confused when i must pick one of a bunch colors on nail shop =(
    thanks for sharing, dear !!

    come and visit mine sometimes =)
    hope we can be friend with following each other..

    1. Thank-you I agree it can me so tricky
      And oooh off to go check your blog out :) xo